Republic of Korea, Dangguk University
USA, Vermont, Middlebury College
Japan, Kyoto, Kyoto Sangyo University
Georgia, Batumi, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
Russia, Moskow, Russian New University «ROSNOU»
Italy, Bologna, Bologna University
FUND «International Virtual Scholarly Educational Center» NGО

X International virtual forum Dangguk University, Cheonan, Republic of Korea
28-30 September 2018


The International Coordinating Council in coordination with the universities form around the world (US, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Czech Republic, South Korea, and Japan) continue implementing the project «Creation of the Virtual Education and Scientific Space of the Intellectual Community.» The regular X International Virtual Forum – Dongguk 2018: ‘Images of Russian Studies in Virtual Information Space’ will be held on 28-30 September 2018.

The enhanced cooperation among different cultures in various scientific and educational fields requires the unification of their efforts to discuss the existing problems and implement the joint projects. The interest towards the forums enhances the geographical potential, the joint intellectual communities, further establishment of the cross-disciplinary ties and researches in teaching the first and second languages and literature, introduction of the adaptive courses in cross-cultural communication, etc. Especially interesting is the foreign language teaching as a result of the increased international migration and problems of adapting, attempts to teach and educate bilingual person capable of communicating in the virtual multicultural space.             

The aim of the forum: unite the linguists, methodologists, cultural experts, literary experts, and teachers from different countries in order to identify and analyze the cutting edge problems the national communities have in humanities, search for the ways for increasing efficiency of the international cooperation, culture of communication in person and virtually, integration of the scientific and pedagogical potential of the specialists by introducing the innovative cross-cultural education and scientific environment.  
Scientific areas of interest:

  1. Horizons in Literature.
  2. Innovations in Philology.
  3. Increasing Role of the Bilingualism in the Modern Society: Bilingual Education.
  4. Translation and Cross-cultural Communication.
  5. Foreign Languages and Teaching Methodology. Cross-cultural Aspects of the Pedagogy.   
  6. Sociocultural Problems of the International Migration and Demography.
  7. Information Technologies and Smart-Technologies in Education. Methodology of the Digital Education. Multimedia.

The forum languages: English, Russian, Korean.

The forum will be held via ADOBE CONNECT PRO MEETING and Skype with the virtual participants.

The forum offers 7 discussion panels with the connected communication infrastructure, which will facilitate the discussion on innovative developments in theory and practice of education, cross-cultural and migration problems, bilingual education and translation, smart-technologies, problems in philology and literature. Every discussion panel will host the co-chair, forum participants, and teachers from the leading universities, and the virtual participants. By the end of the forum, each chairperson will summarize the results of the discussions and the ideas and proposals for the future forums will be offered.  

The participants of the forum will be awarded with certificates.

The deadline for submitting the application 15 July 2018.

The application forms shall be submitted to the e-mail address below: (Svetlana Minasyan) (Svetalana Asanova)